Cheers to those who write about wine. Tribute to the Peñin Guide 25th Anniversary

There are millions of wine writers and bloggers in the world, but very few can become market price drivers. Peñin has achieved just that. He has dedicated his life to write about wine and to share his passion for wines with readers from all over the world.


He is the creator of the Peñin Guide, which is said to be the bible on Hispano-American wines. Yesterday he received a tribute from the Alicante “Denominacion de Origen” and the Local government representatives from the Alicante “Diputacion” in his speech. Peñin referred to the consistent high level trends of the Alicante wines. He has turned his attention to the young talent of viticulture’s that are found in bodegas all over the region. These bodegas have widened their knowledge of wine by traveling and working in collaboration with viticulturist of vineyards in California and New Zeeland.


These vanguard wine makers are using the latest technologies to create distinctive wines that exceed all expectations but with respect for the land. There has been a rush of new ideas in the Alicante Wine region and the adaptation of knowledge and new findings from around the world has been done in a harmonious way, without losing their own identity. Alicante was selected top Spanish wine region of the year by the Peñin Guide. The team of “catadores” (wine connoisseurs) tasted over 14.000 wines from Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Spain to create the selection of wines that have been included in the guide.


The guide‘s team spoke positively about the wide range of products that are succeeding in international markets. However, Peñin’s view is that it is necessary to travel into new markets in order to remain competitive. We spoke about China and Russia, which are challenging markets for the Alicante wines. Peñin comments regarding the prospect of Alicante wine in emerging markets are very optimistic, thanks to the blend of both man and technology.


The Peñin Guide can be purchased in the UK and USA via Amazon and it is a must have for both professionals and lovers of wine.


“The writer is the engineer of the human soul”.