A Match Made In Heaven

Wine connoisseurs have insisted for years that both wine and chocolate result in a clash of flavors. However, if done correctly, the match makes economic sense and it results in a super indulging experience.

wine and chocolate

Wines, the same as chocolates, are produced by blending beans of different varieties. We often find chocolate taste naturally occurring in some wines. The quality of both products depends on similar elements, including cultural, environmental, and technological. The American pastry chef Judy Limekiller says that American quest for rare chocolate and wines is just about insatiable. We are witnessing a similar consumer orientation in products like cheese and gourmet olive oils. Hosting a wine and chocolate taste evening can be a glamorous event that is bound to attract attention for your fund raising events.


To pair wine and chocolate successfully is not difficult, if you just follow a set of basic guidance. Consumed with moderation, chocolate has health benefits. For instance, 70% purity cacao chocolate provides you with nutrients and antioxidants. My rule is that a perfect dinner should always be crowned with a small and elegantly served sweet treat.

Always try to use chocolate made with good quality beans, such as Venezuelan Criollo from Chuao. This not only gives you a richer flavour, but a higher shine and glossy finish due to the larger crystals found in this chocolate.

Use the darkness of the chocolate as a guide to select your wine. If you are using high purity cocoa you, will need a dark red wine with full body. You will be able to identify the wine body by looking at the wine tears in the glass. Full body wine should form large tears, similar to brandy. You will be able to observe the colour using a white paper background with text. Keep in mind that chocolate taste best with soft tanning wines.

Work your way up from light to dark and have fun.