Much has been said about the different types of wine glasses; but with product designers going wild on new shapes, colours and forms, which should be the right glass for your precious wine?

The shape of the glass has an impact in the full flavor potencial of the wine, but some facts still hold true. We need the stem to keep body temperature away from the wine. We also need the brim to keep the scent for longer, and a nice, generous low-level filling bottom to swirling a few times, as it allows us to capture a deep scent and to observe the colour. We know that glasses that allows us to see the wine colours clearly, are preferred to decorated or color glass; but now the new dilema is whether strait or curve walls should be referred.

There is no scientific explanation as to which one should be preferred. Several glass experts, such as Daniel Primack -founder of winerackd Co in the UK, and Ronan Saybur head of exclusive wine club 67 Pall in London, assure us that straight wall glasses give us a more rapid absorption of the scent, as the scented particles travel faster into the nasal cavity.

I for once like to see the body of the wine, as well as the scent, and it seems to me that the wine tears will drip much more elegantly and slowly in a curved glass; therefore, you may have to stock both, and use them depending on the age of the wine you are serving.

There are some fantastic looking glasses, like the new line Essence by IITTALA, designed by the Argentine designer Alfredo Haberli. They are simple and elegant sure worth of holding a good Cabernet Sauvignon, or anything else you pour in them. They are available at


 also “Riedel Crystal Vinum Chianti”, from “Riedel”. This house is renowned for crystal glassware as the first designers and makers of funcional wine glasses, to match specific wines. They are manufactured in Austria and Germany since 1756; you can get them at


So what ever the wine you are having,  have some fun finding the best suited glass, but don’t forget that in the end. It does not  matter if the glass is half full or half empty all it matters is that it is you pouring the wine.


Image credits

Top photo- 67 Pall Mall in London 

Second down -Essence by IITTALA

Riedel Crystal Vinum Chianti”, from “Riedel