The wine lovers are not short of unforgettable travel destinations, but one that is a special treat must be the Mendoza wine region of Argentina. It is the highest wine region in the world; some of the makers are planing as high as 1,100 meters above sea level. The conditions are predominantly low temperature, high UV light exposure, and low oxygen. All this contributes to the vine photosynthesis, giving a much shorter growing season and yielding a fuller flavour grape.




The wine makers in Mendoza grow Criolla Grande, Cereza and Malbec, but also Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Chardonnay. One the most successful wine makers in Mendoza is the Family Bodega of Catena Zapata. They claim to be dedicated to unlock the secrets of their land. The family has been making wine for over a 100 years but it was the pioneer Nicolas Catena, descendant of Italian immigrants, who opened the doors of Argentine wines to the rest of the world. Their 1997 Nicolas Catena Zapata was recognized as a great wine by a number of blind tastings in USA and Europe. This wine was selected over Chateau Latour, Hout Brion and many others.


Mendoza sits proudly on the foothills of the Andes and the Aconcagua Mountain is a breathtaking backdrop for wine making. You will also be spoiled for choice on your luxuriate wine touring accommodation. Check out “Casa Uco Resort”. This interesting piece of modern architecture has been inspired by the rusted landscape of Mendoza.




You will enjoy high-end organic cuisine, with all seasonal produces from the hotel owns vegetable garden. Their “Cordón del Plata” is the superior suit. It is a magnificent creation of interior design, with a minimalistic but luxurious touch, such as Egyptian cotton bedding, and an air of skandy design or, if you prefer spread yourself a bit more, you can choose to stay in one of their bungalows. There are nine suits in total and you can choose either “laguna” (lake) or vineyards views.



My choice of accommodation, based on creativity and originality, has to be “Entre Cielos Boutique Wine Hotels”. It is located in 8 hectare of Melbac vineyards and it has 16 suits and a unique style of Vineyard Loft.

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Whether you choose to do wine travel as a backpacker, or lodging in a slickly stylish loft, this travel will sure broaden your wine horizons. However, make sure you are living the moment with you own senses and not via your mobile device.

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