Meet the Winemakers at Bodegas Enrique Mendoza, brought to you by takes you along a ride through the Alicante wine region. We will meet inspiring wine entrepreneurs, who have dedicated their life to create great wines with the upmost passion and respect for the land. Having a sip of their wine is a taste of their history and dreams. We invite you to share with us this incredible journey of discovery. In this first episode “Bodegas Enrique Mendoza”, the head of viticulture, Pepe Mendoza, will share with us some of his secrets to obtain handcrafted wines of optimum quality, using environmental techniques.






Bodegas Xalo′

This interesting cooperative has been established for over 50 years and it has over 400 grower’s members mainly organic. They are located in Benissa near Denia. Their vineyards are planted at 400m above sea level and the bodegas operate an online shop.


The Table Grapes of Vinalopó

This cultivation of table grapes presents interesting cultural characteristics. On June of every year, the population of Vinalopó cover the grapes with paper bags during  a fun competition event full of music and colour.  This process guarantees to give the grapes a soft skin, perfect colour, and delicate taste. Recent studies have revealed the slimming properties of these grapes that contain molecules of “pteroestilbeno”, which increases the process of body fat reduction. This video shows the beauty of the Novelda and The Vinalopó valley.


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