Alicante Wine Route from Monóvar to Marina Alta

The wine region of Alicante comprises three geographical areas that are all accessible from Alicante city centre, towards the interior of the province. The best vineyards or Bodegas, as Spanish commonly refer to, are located in the areas of higher altitude away from the sea. However, it is possible to plan a visit, as part of a day trip. Most of the Bodegas are open to the public; nevertheless, it is advisable to make an appointment with the winery.

Route 1: Alicante to Monóver and Pinoso

The name of this area is Vinalopó. It is divided in upper Vinalopó, Middle Vinalopó, and Lower Vinalopó, and it is located 50km from Alicante. Vinalopó is also the name of the river that irrigates the land. There are currently 500.000 habitants in Vinalopó. However, the population is concentrated in the city of Elx/Elche. The wine history in this region is ancient, since it goes back to the times of the Romans and Iberians. The area also offers natural parks and the sanctuary of Maria Magdalena, a modernist construction built in 1918, which resembles the Gaudi Style. The architecture of the Bodegas varies, and it ranges from the traditionally Spanish farmhouses or “fincas”, to high-tech modern buildings.

Bodegas Located in Vinalopó

Heretat de Cesilia (Novelda): This is a historical winery, which dates back from 1707; they use organic techniques in their production. Some of their vines are pre-filoxerics times, and they do all the picking by hand. It offers a variety of products, which are suitable for different tastes. Their star wine is AD GAUDE 70% Monastrell, 15% Syrahz, and 15% Petit-Verdot. The production of this wine is in limited amount and it is aged for 24 months in French Oak barrels. It has received several awards like Gold Medal International Contest “AWC VIENNA” 2012.

Primitivo Quiles (Monóvar): This family has been making wine since 1780. They produce an oenology jewel from the middle ages named “Fondillon”, which has won the Gold Medal in the Berliner Wein Trophy in 2013. They make this wine with “Monastrell”, and they use a long aging process and traditional elaboration techniques.

La Bodega de Pinoso (Pinoso): This Bodega is a cooperative, which was formed in 1932. However, the village has a long historical wine tradition. It produces ecological wines since 1997, and they are pioneers in ecological wines in Europe. A 50% of its production is organic.

Bodegas y Viñedos El Sequé (Pinoso) This interesting Bodega uses its architecture to bring together the old with the new, in a harmonious way. This is also represented in their product portfolio. The bodegas belong to the Artadi Wine Group that also has vineyards in La Rioja and Navarra. The group acquired El Seque in 1999. Althought the vineyards are impressively modern and well appointed, they embrace sustainable and organic wine making methods. All their wines are of high quality. However, they are particularly proud of “Laderas De El Seque” which is made of Monastrell and Syrahz, with smoky red fruit flavours. The visitors need to book in advance Monday to Friday. The bodegas offer special events, such as art exhibitions alongside with the cellar visit.

Route 2: Alicante to Villena

The region is located 58Km northwest of Alicante, bordering with the province of Castilla-La Mancha. There is plenty of historical wine tradition in this region, which dates to the Palaeolithic era. You will find reminiscences of the Moors Architecture such as “Castillo de La Atalaya”, built in 11th century.

Bodegas Located in Villena

Bodegas Mendoza – Finca El Chaconero (Villena): This is a third generation family-owned vineyard, busting plenty of the features founded in traditional Spanish farmhouse architecture. The Mendoza family of viticulturists owns it. They offer a wide range of wines that are aged in French and American Oak. All their wines have unique flavours, and are completely heterogeneous year on year, due to their human and cultural impute of their blending process. Their star wine is “Santa Rosa”, which bears the name of the Matriarch figure of the family, Señora Santa Rosa Mendoza, first generation of the bodega. They cultivate a mix of Monastrell and foreign vines such as Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petit Verdot.

Bodegas Francisco Gómes (Villena): this is a larger state that also produces olive oil. The site was a bodega since the XVIII century, and it was acquired by the Gomes family and reconditioned for production. The Bodegas have an interesting architecture that displays the changes that took place since the time of the construction of the building. The property has a chapel and a private testing gallery, for members only. They currently produce 11 types of wines leading with “Serrata”, which, is a mature wine made of Merlot, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Monastrell. This wine matures in French oak up to 12 months.

Route 3: Alicante to Marina Alta

This is a large area located 50 km north of Alicante. It covers from Adsubia to XabiaThe vineyards are based on Alfaz Del Pi, Benissa, Teulada, Xalo, and Parcent.

Bodegas Located in Marina Alta

Bodegas Mendoza: They have a cellar and experimental crops in this area. However, their vines are cultivated in “El Chaconero” that is located in Villena.

Bodegas San Vicente Ferrer (Teulada): This is a wine cooperative of 103 member’s, which was setup up in 1940. They operate a fermentation plant, shop, and, recently, have introduced e-commerce. These cooperative is worth the visit for those who are interested in a day trip of good value and are happy to try “vino de mesa” and experimental wines.

Bodegas Porcellanes (Benissa): This is an ecological winery with 300 ha, in the hills of Alicante. They are located in the valley of “Travadel”. Their organic and sustainable methods involve a strict quality control, which excludes the addition of any chemical additives or preservatives to the wine. They have earned the European Seal of Organic Guarantee. They have a wide range portfolio of organic wines including Craita, Agullo, and y Entrepins. You can see the crops of olive trees, alongside with the wines.


Whichever Wine your heart desires you can find it in Alicante, land of great wines.

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Map wine region of Alicante












Map Alicante Wine Regions – DOP Alicante


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