Tasting Notes

Wine:  Las Quebradas

Origin: Bodegas in Alfaz Del PI  – Cultivation Finca El Chaconero – Villena – Alicante 500 mts above sea level.

Map Alfaz Del PI

Grape Variety:  Monastrell

Vintage:  2010

Winery:  Bodegas Enrique Mendoza

Alcohol Content: 75 cl 13.5% vol

Aging: 15 months in French Oak barrels

Flavours: Black current, violet, oak and orange blossoms with hints of almonds

Colour: rich violet red

Facts about this wine:

The Vines used to elaborate “Las Quebradas” grow in “Caliche” soil. This kind of soil offers low water permeable properties, which result in higher nutrient retention and low air particles. This increases the mature flavour of the grapes and highlights the different minerals that can be appreciated in the taste. The vines used are the oldest in the vineyard, with high quality but low yield. In different soil, this vine normally could produce 4Kg, but using this soil and cultivation process the vine is reduced to 500grm, so the plant energy concentrates on generating flavour and scents. To fertilize the vine they use ecological compost, but not herbicide or insecticide is used on the vines.

Wine colour AROMA_WHEEL




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