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6Th Nov 2016 12 -1 4 Hrs

11Th Dec 2106 12-14 Hrs

Bonalba Golf – Club House  

Joining a wine tasting club is fun and one of the best ways to learn and share your passion about wine with friends and to discover the corners of the world through its wine.

A wine tasting club is no different to a film or book club. Every member of our club will have a chance to contribute to the group. It is worthwhile to mention that a “wine tasting club” is a team of people working together to learn and enjoy outstanding wines, in order to increase their appreciation by sharing the cost of wines, location and food. You do not need to be an expert about wine to be a member. All you need is the desire to learn and the willingness to share your findings and experience with others. You do not need to pay a joining fee or a yearly membership.

A wine tasting club is different from a “Wine Club” where members sign for a supply of wine from a business. In a wine tasting club, you are in no obligation to buy wine to take home.

At every session we will explore the different aspects of a particular wine; we will practice sensorial analysis and learn about the makers, the grapes and the regions etc.

We will announce the wine list to the group before our meeting, for those who wish to do some research beforehand. Members are encouraged to work systematically in order to make solid progress.  

We will be doing blind tasting and practicing wine recognition.

Some days we may have special treats, like visiting vineyards or having a guest speaker. No meeting will ever be the same.

During the course of the year, we will build a log of wine tasting records, in order to appreciate our own progress. We will also consolidate group records, which will be published online in order to have our say in the wine market, and for the benefit of other wine lovers.

There will be plenty of opportunities to meet winemakers, visit wine trade shows, and to meet other wine lovers. Our club is an attractive alternative for bloggers and Indie wine writers, at a relatively low cost.   

We will be tasting wines from all over the world, increasing our appreciation of wine and, of course, doing food pairing as well.

A typical day may be:

  • Arrive promptly a 10.00am for coffee and a brief discussion of the day’s objective


  • From 10.30 on, we will chat about a particular region, grapes, terroir and   wineries.


  • 11.30-1.00 p.m.  We will then do a tasting of four different wines. This step may vary; in some cases, we could do four wines of the same region, but different grapes or vintages, or same grapes but different regions. The aim is to recognize the difference for each type of grape, depending on the geographical location, and understanding why this may be the case. Sometimes, we may be examining different makers of the same region, in order to identify small differences, because of the practices used in the aging process. We may taste the same wine produced in different years, with the objective to  appreciate the result of different vintages on the taste, or to appreciate how the  makers had to overcome climate challenges to meet the classification quotas.


  • We will select a wine to pair with a meal. This will depend on what the group chooses to do, although we encourage the members to concentrate on  mastering one region before moving on to the next one.  During the meal, we will exchange views on how the wine complements, the dish, or vice versa.


  • Finally, the group will decide the objectives of the next meeting, over a cup of coffee after the meal, and suggest a wine list and food pairing accordingly for the next meeting. We will do our best to accommodate you.


  • We can arrange your return transport if required. However, it is recommended that all the members enjoy the meeting responsibly.


There will be different groups running at separate locations as to suit different budgets. In addition, we will offer as many levels of comfort and surrenders as possible. We can also provide for a number of tailor-made wine tasting and gastronomic experience at your own home for special occasions.  

We understand that one does not fit all. Therefore, each group will evolve differently, depending on the member’s goals likes and dislikes. You may be able to change groups, although we encourage members to give it a few sessions, before they decide to do it.

The first Step is to choose a location; we can offer three different venues.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any queries.

After that, you need to choose the half-day or a full day including lunch.

If you have made your decision and confirmed your availability for the day, you can send us your RSVP, and reserve your place by PayPal for every session you wish to attend.

Your fee is refundable, should you are unable to attend, as long as you contact us 10 days prior to our meeting.



Bonalba Golf Resort & Spa – Mutxamel

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